We provide our customers the option to get teleported, transformed or both at once.

Not enough money for tickets & accommodation?

Not enough days off?

Fear of flying?

No availability to your destination?

Bored of moving but still need a change?

Get teleported!

Not satisfied with the way you look?

You find your life till now not fascinating enough?

Feelings of entrapment?

You find psychotherapy useless?

Tired of trying for a better future?

Get transformed!

What we do?

Travel & Body management

Travel & Body care

Travel & Change organization

How we do it?

Exceptional services for every individual client

Updated technology


Travel to another place

Travel to another time

Travel to the same place

Travel to a memory

Travel to a dream

All destinations – all directions (south, north, east, west, past, future)

Based on intensive historical research on metamorphosis, we transform you into the subject/object of your choice.

Indicative transformation list & historical examples:
Alien, Ashes, Bear, Boy, Bull, Bush, Butterfly, Diamond, Dolphin, Double, Duke, Fish, Flower, Fly, Forever Young, Frog, Giant, Half human, Horse, Insect, Invisible, Island, Locust, Miniature, Mountain, Multiple, Ninja, Pig, Prince, Tree, Smile, Snake, Stone, Superhero, Swan, Tin heart, Vinyl LP, Werewolf, Wolf and more

Teleportation and/or Transformation through is a 6-step process:


Pre-meeting (max 30min)

Preparation & data analysis

Final meeting: Realization of the desired Teleportation and/or Transformation (30min)


Online review of your case

  bookings at info(at)