“A masterpiece! Enough said”

T.S. Elliot


“The air of the Alps hit my face, and I found myself walking in my bonbon pink suit next to a lake. The road was long and never-ending.

— Eleni Mylona


“At first it was a little disconcerting to find myself as a dwarf in shining armor, but dinner on a bridge in Venice, the view of the bustling canals, and the roasted pork put me at ease”

Damian Christinger


“This concept will bring philosophy to another level — or make it completely useless. It is the absolute definition of the metaphysic relation between identity and difference”

G. Deleuze


“I requested a place to find peace and serenity. I got a way to recall those feelings at will. Great concept! Thank you!

Chris Karydas


“I was promised a teleportation, and this promise was delivered. I found myself far away, in a warm, pleasant place, at peace with myself. My only regret is that I didn’t stay there.”

Marcel Grismmer


“This is definitely the next big thing.”

Clark J. Kent, The Daily Planet


“I now have the opportunity to go back there whenever I want. Your words and my imagination were a great combination, thank you.

Katerina Sampazioti


“The transformation really affected how I perceived my body. During the process, I felt very light and agile. It was as if I was floating with joy and ease through the world without a care, while also feeling safe, secure, confident, and playful!”

Barbara Egger


“Tired and worn out, I took my place in the trailer, arranged the pillow and blanket, and adjusted my headphones. I dozed off, floating away, and arrived quickly at my destination. Thank you.”

Basil Rogger


Booked this as a treat for myself and my friend, upon arrival you realise that the photos are old or purchased stock photos as they do not accurately represent the business itself! this is sooooo not a spa, we entered and waited for the masseur but no one ever showed up… the waiting room was totally not comfortable, and I was glad I had not booked more treatments… Absolutely disappointing!”

   — Julie S


“The best work of the new century! The best work of the new century!”

Tweedledum & Tweedledee