Human history is full of attempts to master space and time. Today there is eventually something coming to resolve numerous problems. Metaphorai is the answer to the question of extending our existence. It is a new way of traveling through and within the vast outer space and the vast inner space. It is using traditional tools -such as word and the body- counter to the simulation approaches that require advanced equipment and enormous amounts of resources; they are therefore non-sustainable, as a)they are profit-oriented and b)the resources of the planet are limited.

The original greek word «ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΑΙ» means Transports, as well as Metaphors. It is written on every moving truck in Greece, that transports commodities all around the country. Metaphor, as the extended meaning of a word or as a meaning traveling through worlds, is part of everyday communication, everyday life.

Through Metaphorai, we are now able to extend human existence by offering to our customers an inclusive,  low cost and sustainable opportunity to be everything, to be anywhere.