Time for a change?

For the first time in human history, an agency provides instant teleportation and transformation to its disquiet clients.

Teleportation and Transformation are two processes that emphasize the physicality of the body — in Transformation, the body shifts to another shape and form, in Teleportation, the body is disassembled and reassembled at another place in the same form. There is a movement or a passage or a gap from State 1 to State 2. During this in-between moment, we are not aware if the body is even present. Is this gap between our old and new self another version of ourselves? A non-self or a multiple self, including before, after, and the time between? And if this is so, are we able to fit all these possibilities together in one body?

Metaphorai is introduced as the only way to find an answer to these questions.

ℜ Warning: We are here to assist you to get successfully teleported and/or transformed, but  you proceed at your own risk.